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Made in 笠原


Three of our region tea producers sell their products at our memorial hall.

For meals inquiries, please call SKY TEA HOUSE.    +81-90-7263-5544  (Office hours:10am-10pm)

This group of women mainly work on making sweets and meals that are available on the second floor of the memorial hall. The sweets are for sale all year round, but their meals must be ordered ahead of time. Their dishes are made from healthy, seasonal ingredients procured locally. It’s the closest you can get to a grandmother’s home cooking while away 

from home.If you would like to have one of Yokoroumon’s meals, please consult with us at least 10 days in advance. (During tea picking season and Obon, we may not be able to serve you.)


This group has been working to protect the surrounding environment since 1994 using eco-friendly rice and keeping the forests healthy. It consists of locals and Yame city residents who help farms produce their delicious crops. You too can help Yamamura Juku protect the environment by joining them in their work on farms and in the mountains. For more details, please see their website. 


This shop sells tea and herbs grown without the use of chemical fertilizers. Their mission is to deliver the power of nature to customers. In September 2008, they began growing fine organic herbs from around the world for household uses and medicinal purposes. Check their website for information on workshops and activities with the Yame Medical Herb Association.


<里山ミニワーク> 土日の1泊2日で、棚田や山林の保全活動を行う山村塾の取り組みです。 適度な作業と美味しいご飯を満喫し、心と体をリフレッシュします。 内容は、荒れた農地の管理や炭焼き、森の手入れ等といった里山保全活動や、そのほかに味噌づくりやお茶摘みなども企画し、農山村の自然と文化を体験しながら里山を守っています。