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10am-7pm The store isn’t always open.


manjuu here are made by women here using traditional techniques and seasonal ingredients. These sweets are a delicious and heart-warming treat.


7568-1Kasahara kurogimachi Yame-shi


9731Kasahara kurogimachi Yame-shi

Another jewel in the treasure chest that is Kasahara is the Rinzai Shūmyō Shinji Hajiin. It is a Zen temple that belongs to the Rinzai sect. It was erected for the sake of tea ceremonies by Shūzui. Kuroki Katsuyoshi Masaki, the owner of Kuroki Castle, and Shūzui’s friend Matsuo helped him to build this temple. They began by planting the first tea bush here for safekeeping. It later became one of the 33 Kannon Temples in Fukuoka Prefecture. Traditional vegetarian monk meals can be eaten here. (Please make a reservation for a maximum of 3 people ahead of time.)


The tall rocks jutting out from the temple grounds provide unique and fascinating views of the landscape. The hike to the top has plenty of seasonal flowers and wildlife, too. Visitors can receive a map of the trail from the memorial hall.


About 9am-4pm


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Just opposite of the memorial hall is a place selling tea from Reiganji called Kissako. There is also a selection of seasonal vegetables and homemade sauce made with yuzu pepper. They are open from about 9am to 4pm every day of the year except for tea harvesting season.


+81-943-42-4388(Kasahara Satoyama Shinkoukai  )

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This building was once known as East Kasahara Elementary School. Once the school closed due to unsafe conditions, the locals banded together to do something to save it. In April 2007, it reopened as the East Kasahara Exchange Center, or Egao No Mori. This building now serves as a community space for both locals and visitors. Egao No Mori means ‘forest of smiles’ in English. The name was chosen because the locals want it to be a place for everyone to find happiness. It’s open to anyone looking to experience the heartwarming hospitality and rich nature of Kasahara.


10127Kasahara kurogimachi Yame-shi

open:THU,FRI,SAT,SUN,Public Holiday

Another repurposed building which used to be a nursery school now functions as a Western-style restaurant. Their food only uses seasonal ingredients, and they serve light meals with things like homemade bacon, bread, and jam. The atmosphere is nice and relaxing, and there is a wood stove to keep customers warm in the winter. Please call ahead of time to see if they’re open.


11260Kasahara kurogimachi Yame-shi

Yet another community space lies at the 450-meter peak of Kasahara. now It’s opened as guest house, surrounded by tea fields and rice paddies under the wide blue sky. This traditional Japanese house is now a place for travellers and locals to relax and unwind. The nearby waterfall provides a place for fun summer activities as well as an escape from the heat. The friendly next-door neighbors openly welcome guests to chat with them, too. (English available )


For more information about this site and more, please contact Sky Tea House. They are available for English support by mail and phone.


Kurabashira Kasahara kurogimachi Yame-shi

Parking to the SKY TEA HOUSE