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"Mokuiku" is an educational approach to encourage all people, including children, to learn about woods and benefits of its use in our daily lives. Mokuiku aims to deepen our familiarity with wood and understanding of wood culture. It helps people to nurture a rich mind, so that they can proactively consider the relationship between people and forests.


Japan has the world's third largest proportion of forested area, remarkable diversity in the species of trees, and hence world-class craftsmanship skills.


In Fukuoka area, Yame offers the largest forested areas and the highest concentration of traditional craftsmanship from handmade paper and bamboo crafts to Japanese sesame. From the forests of Yame, we aim to nurture all generations of people through mokuiku to build a better society. 


Oku-Yame forests offer rich nature where children can play with wooden toys to experience warmth and tenderness of wood.


But that is merely the first step of mokuiku. Further steps of mokuiku are shared among all generations:

Use wood fuel and charcoal to get warmth; have a cup of green tea to taste the blessings of tea bushes; try woodcrafts and green woodworking to craft woods and take them into your daily lives.


Everyone from children to adults can experience the feeling of being connected with the forest through these mokuiku activities.


A new campsite based on the concept of Yame Mokuiku from forests of Yame is currently under preparation for its reopening.

Please visit our Facebook page and Instagram to find out recent activities and event information of Yame Mokuiku.

The former Kinokomura campsite in Kasahara was affected by the torrential rain in Northern Kyushu in 2012. Along with the ongoing restoration and maintenance work, we are currently constructing a grand design for its reopen after restoration.


Click here to see the progress of “Oku-Yame Bonfire Forest Project” based on the concept of Yame Mokuiku.

Kinokomura Campsite

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